Crew insurance


We can provide tailor made insurance policies for the various crew members employed on your yacht, based on the following covers:

Worldwide Healthcare insurance coverage
Medical expenses cover 
Assistance and Repatriation



Loss of Life and Permanent Disability (Total or Partial) coverage


2 options:


  • After Accident only
  • After Accident or Illness



Temporary Total Disability coverage 
Sick leave wages to be paid to the crew member in case of accident or illness


2 options:


Based on 100% of the salary for 120 days maximum duration of indemnity
Based on 100% of the salary for 365 days maximum duration of indemnity



Family insurance coverage

Coverage of medical expenses can also be extended to the seafarer’s family (Legal partner & Children) provided they are domiciled in a country where they cannot be affiliated to the local healthcare system.



While group covers only provide coverage to the extent that the crew member remains employed, we can provide him/her with temporary or permanent individual coverage while in-between employments or offer to increase his/her level of benefits under the group cover:


  • Medical expenses cover
  • OPTIONAL – Personal Accident cover

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